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• Black Match - 2021

BLACK MATCH lights a brilliant 77-minute firework from three creative decades of Harry Payuta's musical life. A musaic of looking back and forward.
All tracks have been re-recorded by the current Trio HRARY PAYUTA & FRIENDS.
The stylistic arc spans from the 90s with his rock band ''Vee-Jays'' to his seven sitar albums and the singer-songwriter album ''Sweet Gloom'' to brand new songs
and ... mainly it rocks !
• Sweet Gloom - 2016

oficial promo-text  »Songs in a blend of Western Guitar - Indian Sitar - Cuban Percussion «

SWEET GLOOM originated in 2015 when Harry Payuta lived in San Sebastián / Spain, where he had focust on the acoustic western guitar. He was already working on some songs when he met the cuban percussionist Denis Barzaga Ilizastiqui.
Soon there was the idea to produce an album exclusively with acoustic guitar, vocals, sitar, bass and cuban percussion.
• between a rock and a hard place - 2013

oficial promo-text  » Payuta´s  worlbeat  Rock-Album «

Although the indian sitar remains the focal point of Harry Payuta´s music, this album is ›somehow different‹ and it is mostly a »Worldbeat-Rock-Album.«
Mostly instrumental with a devilish electrified Sitar, ''between a rock...'' also offers some songs. After a long period of time Payuta felt a great desire to sing again now & then. . . here it is!
• Zacatecoluca - 2011

music-magazine: GoodTimes  » Unusual, bold, interesting and innovative «

Payuta is considered one of Germany's best Sitar players - he demonstrates on his ninth album. All tracks literally vibrate and the Sitar-melodies are homogeneously integrated into western Rock-sounds and grooves.
Harry Payuta is at least remarkable and his music grabs the listener. Unusual as bold, interesting and innovative.
• Departure - 2007

Global Mojo  »The sitar opens as if it was to become a song for the Beatles-Album ''Rubber Soul''

But it won’t, because Harry Payuta, in business since Amon Düül, is not only a god-gifted multi-instrumentalist but also sparkles with ideas of his own.
So he created a whole string of real catchy melodies with Matthias Monka’s somewhat soulful vocals.
• Sitar Journeys - 2005

Traumzeit  »Relaxed, sensitive, exciting & surprising«

»Sitar Journeys« is a consequential trip. The cosmic shaman Payuta has produced a brillant and alluring CD.
Like a maelstrom the songs involves deeper and deeper into sense, trance, relaxation. Smooth trance-rhythms pulsates and let you flow through unknown galaxies.
• india redhot blue - 2004

Global Mojo  »The grandson of Sgt. Pepper«

10 compositions between US-Folkrock, British Psychedelia and those three years of Popmusic (1967-69), when even the ROLLING STONES used the Sitar.
There's nothing else like it in the world - this blend of Indian ragas, jazz, ambient, trance and shamanic elements, Harry Payuta's special brand of Worldbeat - Music.
• Sitar Signs - 2003


A CD full of Sitar-Sounds far away from indian classic. The music moves between Trance-Grooves and Worldmusic and makes also trips to Latin America.
But because of the Sitar as lead-instrument all tracks are sounding very indian.
• Sitar Movements - 2003

Traumzeit  »Inner Visions & Trance´n´Dance«

The Sitar flows here refined into a general musical concept, with gentle percussion and even Trance-Grooves.
It maintains the tradition of Harry Payuta classical Indian instrument and covers the whole range of the finest Blues & Chillout Music.
• Didge News - 2001

ixthuluh  »high energy power trance rhythms & and sensitive dream trances«

PAYUTA & Friends are spectacular in realizing the historical sound-world into High-Energy-Trance-Rhythms but also to sensual moments.
In a fulminant way Payuta brings together the incomparable sound of the Didgeridoo with traditional acoustic and electrified instruments.
• Stratos - 2000

Weser Kurier  »Slow Food for the mind«

The Didgeridoo brings native sounds from Australia, the Sitar the atmosphere of India.
But it´s not the real Ethno-World, what the sounds mean. The CD »Stratostrance« is more a quiet stream of sounds somewhere between Ambient, Chill-Out and Trance.
• Soft Fall - 2000

Weser Kurier  »shamanic trance-rhythms - baroque & indian influences«

besides Harry Payuta are the overtone-singer Johannes Künzler and baroque-harp player Bettina Erragihi.
Thereby the 54-minute trip is very exciting: dialogs between sitar and harp are besides overtone - didgeridoo contacts.

Cooperations featuring Harry Payuta

Electric Family
Echoes Don´t Lie


Bella Donna
The Edge


Electric Family
Terra Circus


Sun Temple Circus




Second Sky/USA
The Art of Influence


AUM Shakti.Mix
Ambient / Chillout


Raveena / India
Gayatri Mantra


Huun Huur Tu
Spirits from Tuva


Payuta & Yomano
Deep Talk


Dieter Serfas


With his own Bands:

  '' THE VEE JAYS '' » Harbour Blues (CrossCut Records CCR1017 -LP- 1987)
  '' THE VEE JAYS '' » Shot (Strangeways Records EFA -LP- 1990)
  '' THE VEE JAYS '' » From The Shores Of Count Orlok (Zensor Records EFA -CD- 1992)
  '' IN COLD BLOOD '' » In Cold Blood (Zensor Records EFA -CD- 1994)


» Lavender / Strange Ways Records -LP- 1991
with  ''THE ELECTRIC FAMILY'' » Tender / Blue Rose Records -LP- 1999
» Rolling Stone Rare Trax/Bitch / Blue Rose Records -CD- 2000
» Careful with that Axe / Blue Rose Records -Single- 2000
» Ice Cream Phoenix / Blue Rose Records -LP- 2003
» Ice Cream Phoenix / Blue Rose Records -CD- 2009

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