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12 tracks / total 40:00 min

•     Songs and Instrumentals full of atmosphere
      Musikreviews.de 26.01.2016

''Sweet Gloom'' surprises by the fact that it just does not build its foundation solely on the sitar, but much more is based on the singer / songwriter level and Cuban percussion. But Payuta never loses his sitar sense out of sight, because it has become his trademark. So wise he decided, to record four purely instrumentals of the twelve songs.

''Spice Of Spain'' features flamenco rhythms, while on ''Privateer'' carried by a dreamy bass and guitar sound, the sitar sings their own 'song'. Almost the same applies to ''Pick up'', only that this is not dreamy, but full of fire, and ''Moving'' comes up with elated, spanish rhythms.

Also Paytas voice has a pleasant sound - almost tender, soft and fragile with cryptic ''hoarseness''. And the stories he tells in his sung, remain excellent course with the brilliant recording quality.

''Sweet Gloom'' is the tender, warm side in a world, which just seems to lose this site more and more in their cold and hot wars.

CONCLUSION: ''Sweet Gloom'' has become exactly what the title promises . ''Sweet Gloom'' that is not about an old, brooding grumbler, but songs and Instrumentals full of atmosphere.

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•     Rousing songwriter album with folk, rock and blues Power
      (Gästeliste.de 03.03.2016)

What still distinguishes the german-born world-blues-musician Harry Payuta, is the fact that he has managed to stage west sounding rock and blues phrasing credibly with a sitar - probably as the only one.
This may be due to the fact that it also presents itself as a virtuoso guitarist and knows how to create unique timbres in interaction.
Not at a World-Music-Affair, but a rousing songwriter album with folk, rock and blues Power and fascinating, instrumental soundweavings that are definitely in this kind doesn´t excist a second time.

•     Songs in a blend of
        Western Guitar - Indian Sitar - Cuban Percussion

SWEET GLOOM originated in 2015 when Harry Payuta lived in San Sebastián / Spain, where he had focust on the acoustc western guitar.
He was already working on some songs when he met the cuban percussionist Denis Barzaga Ilizastiqui.
Soon there was the idea to produce an album exclusively with acoustic guitar, vocals, sitar, bass and cuban percussion.
The songs are based on the guitar while the sitar is mainly used as the solo instrument.
Harry Payuta has a passion for unusual musical combinations and own ways on which SWEET GLOOM is another new step.
Harry Payuta is one of the currently most extraordinary Sitar-Players. As well he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer in his own studio and through an eventful musical life in many different styles of music at home.

•     Varied and unique
      Jolly Joker 24.01.2016

About Sireena Records the 11th studio album by HARRY PAYUTA ''Sweet Gloom' will be released on February 26, 2016', with the addition feat. DENIS BARZAGA ILIZASTIQUI.
Although the Sitar further the central role in HARRY PAYUTA's music is, ''Sweet Gloom'' weighted differently and is ultimately a singer / songwriter album supported by the Sitar.
The 12 songs are varied and unique. For this kind of music a place in the western pop should be free. Therefore necessarily advisable for music lovers with a wide musical horizon.