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Press:     No one has integrated the Sitar more competent in western music

» What distinguishes the musician who lived for many years in Centro-America and Spain is, that he succeeds in credibly staging rock and blues phrasing with the indian Sitar.

As well he presents himself as a virtuoso guitarist, who knows how to create unique timbres..

Another strong point is above-average songs, which partially are very catchy, but never appealing, that they come along sensitively handmade. Payutas voice has a pleasant sound, gentle and fragile with a profound 'hoarseness.

Sleepwalking sure Payuta also integrates 'World' influences and Latin flair for enrichment. «

His CONCERTS have a wide musical horizons ranging from relaxed to rocky with songs, instrumentals and payuta-typical Sitar worldbeat.

The Band Cast is usually a trio: Harry Payuta (sitar, guitar, vocals,) + bassist + drummer, which is extended or varied depending on the occasion or location.

HARRY PAYUTA has released 11 very different albums under his name, each with its own mood and characteristics. The broad musical range of the productions ranges from soft to rock; from free improvisation to composed songs; from intrumental to the song.
The productions were all created in his own studio with many musicians of various musical styles.

Since 2003, the indian Sitar has been Payuta's main instrument, which he plays electrified and rock- jazz- and blues oriented.
In 2007, Harry Payuta went to El Salvador / Centro-America for six years, giving countless concerts and producing two albums with salvadoran musicians.

2014 - 2015 he lived in San Sebastian / Spain, where he recorded his 11th album with a cuban percussionist. For the first time after many years, this is a song album, on which he again uses the acoustic guitar in addition to the sitar.

In 2015 he returned to Germany to his hometown of Bremen and since then he is active in various musical projects in Germany.

In 2016, Harry Payuta gave some concerts again in El Salvador with salvadoran musicians.

2017/18: Concerts with the HARRY PAYUTA & NOB WESCH BAND and a tour through several german cities with the psychedelic rock band THE ELECTRIC FAMILY.

Participation in other projects:

THE ELECTRIC FAMILY on productions and tours (as bassist and sitarist)

HUUN-HUUR-TUU from Tuva / Mongolei (as Sitarist, gitarrist and producer of two remixes)

SECOND SKY, a Dub- and Trip-Hop projekt from Pennsylvania/USA (as Sitarist)

RAVEENA, in the Indian video and CD production ''Gayatri Mantra'' with pop-singer Raveena (as sitarist

DEEP TALK, a trance duo with keyboarder Volker Kahrs from GROBSCHNITT (as singer, bassist, guitarist, sitarist and didgerodoo player)

MOJO-CLUB / Hamburg (as didgeridoo player)

EARTRANCEPORT, an Ethno-Trance-Jazz project with members of Embryo, Amon Düül and musicians from Mali and Morocco (as bassist and didgeridoo player )

Thrilling songwriter album with folk, rock and blues power      (Musikreviews.de)

'Sweet Gloom' surprises by the fact that it is not based solely on the sitar, but much more on the singer / songwriter level and Cuban percussion, but without sacrificing sitar, guitar or bass based. In ''Sweet Gloom'' Payuta never loses sight of his sitar-sense, because it has become his trade mark. He cleverly decided to record four of the altogether twelve songs purely instrumental.
'Spice Of Spain' flaunts flamenco rhythms, while 'Privatier' lives off the dreamy bass and guitar sound and the sitar sings its own 'song'. The same applies to 'Pick Up', except that it is not dreamy, but full of fire to the point and 'Moving' comes up with lively, Spanish rhythms.

Payuta's voice, too, has a pleasant sound - almost tender, gentle and fragile with subtle 'hoarseness'. And the stories he tells in his exclusively english sung songs remain so excellent in a brilliant CD recording quality.

CONCLUSION: Sweet Gloom has become exactly what its title promises. 'Sweet melancholy' that does not bring to light an old, brooding mourning dumpling, but songs and instrumentasl full of atmosphere.

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