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''No one has integrated the Sitar more competent in Western music.''             →   Presse: Global Mojo

» First of all Harry Payuta is one of the currently most extraordinary Sitar-Players.
As well he is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, writer and producer in his own studio and through an eventful musical life in many different styles of music at home.
Since 2000 Harry Payuta evolved his very own technology and electrified sound with the Sitar and gave her a new place of value in western popular music. He calls himself smiling a Rock-Sitarist.

Presse: RockTimes  »The currently in El Salvador living ''strings magician'' has succeeded in an impressive way to weave around the Sitar western sounds and a relaxed Rock-Groove. This unusual coalition brings a considerable listening pleasure.

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•    In May the album TERRA CIRCUS by THE ELECTRIC FAMILY is released as a vinyl, CD and download, and receives worldwide outstanding press reviews. Harry Payuta has contibuted two compositions, singing, sitar, guitar and bass.
On Dec. 2. 2017, the first live concert will take place at the MUSIC HALL Worpswede. Further follow in 2018.

•    Since 2017 there are Duo-concerts with Nob Wesch (guitar, vocals). The special feature of this duo is the embedding of the electrified Indian sitar in western songs. In the Sept. Ralf Marckardt, bass and Sven Bartel, percussion take part for a concert at the Bergwerk/Quelkhorn.

•    In july 2016 Payuta travels to his second home El Salvador to give some concerts, solo and with fellow salvadoran musicians.

•    June 2016: working at the Palais aux Étoiles recording studio on a new studio live album with his project ''SunTempleCirus.'' Cast: Harry Payuta: sitar, guitar, bass, vocals. Tom 'The Perc' 'Redecker: vocals, guitar. Rolf Kirschbaum: guitar, vocals, cajón. Anders rotor sound: keyboards. Steff Ulrich: drums. The CD / LP will be published in autumn 2016. with the tour in november in Estonia.

•    In 2016 Harry Payuta returns and gives concerts in the duo with the virtuosic guitarist and singer Nob Wesch.

•    From 2014 - 2015 Harry Payuta lived in San Sebastian / Spain. There he produced his 11th album SWEET GLOOM in collaboration with the cuban percussionist Denis Barzaga Ilizastiqui.

•    Between 2007 and 2013 he lived in El Salvador and produced his 9th and 10th album ZACATECOLUCA und BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE there. He there has become a kind of pioneer for the indian Sitar, which quite unknown in Centro-America.

•    2012 Payuta appears with his song ''Take you home'' on the Sampler ''New Rides Of The Furious Swampriders'' together with Deborah Harry (Blondie), Lydia Lunch & Dave Alvin, Walkabouts, M.Walking on the Water a.o.

•    He plays the Sitar in the indian Video- and CD-production ''Gayatri Mantra'' with the indian Popstar Raveena.

•    With SECOND SKY, a Dub and Trip-Hop project from Pennsylvania/USA also excists a long-standing cooperation. On their 2011-album ''The Art of Influence'' he cooperated in three tracks.

•    »iTunes essentuals« released the compilation »YOGA« and »AUM« with Chillout & Ambient music. Besides Harry Payuta are represented: Brian Eno, Zakir Hussein, Gabrielle Roth, Anne-Sophie Mutter, Nusrath Fateh Ali Khan, David Sylvian, Ravi Shankar & Phillip Glass, Anoushka Shankar, Klaus Doldinger ... and more.

•    2007 Payuta produced with THE ELECTRIC FAMILY the track ''BITCH'' from THE ROLLING STONES and performed it in several TV-Shows.

•    2002 took place a colaboration with HUUN-HUUR-TUU from Tuva / Mongolia. Harry Payuta plays on two tracks of the Remix-CD SPIRITS FROM TUVA. The album was No.1 in the european charts in sept.2002.

•    Harry Payuta studied popular music and was in addition to stations in the rock, blues and jazz as guitarist, bassist, and singer / songwriter also involved in many avant-garde and new music projects.

•    Through contact with musicians from Ethno-Fusion-Jazz (e.g. EMBRYO + AMON DÜÜL) was how the Ethno-Trance-Jazz project Ear-Trance Port with musicians from Mali and Morocco. There was a CD recording and touring through Germany and Spain.

•    In the field of Dancefloor, he toured with the Mojo-Club (Hamburg) in Germany and Switzerland, according to various Goa-Techno-Trance-projects followed.

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