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21 tracks   •   77:00 min . . . coming soon . . .

An exciting stylistic mixture of songs and instrumentals
with guitar & sitar and ... mainly it rocks!

BLACK MATCH lights a brilliant 77-minute firework from three creative decades of Harry Payuta's musical life.
A musaic of looking back and forward.

The stylistic arc spans from the 90s with his rock band ''Vee-Jays'' to his seven sitar albums and the singer-songwriter album ''Sweet Gloom'' (produced in Germany, El Salvador, Spain, 2003 -2016) to brand new songs.

Guitar and Sitar take turns taking the lead. But the stylish interweaving of both sounds also ensures the distinctive sound of Payuta. The sitar is electrified and used far from Indian clichés.

The current Trio has rearranged and re-recorded all tracks. The result is an exciting coexistence of overlapping musical styles in a unifying, new band sound full of joy in playing.

Harry Payuta: guitar, sitar, vocals . . . & others
Ralf Marckardt: bass, vocals         Jens Kolweyh: drums
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