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Unusual, bold, interesting and innovative
Harry Payuta is considered one of Germany's best Sitar players - why, he demonstrates on his ninth album.
All tracks literally vibrate and the Sitar-melodies are homogeneously integrated into western Rock-sounds and grooves. Payutas music can perhaps be called ''World-Rock'' including electronic sounds.
Harry Payuta is at least remarkable and his music grabs the listener. Unusual as bold, interesting and innovative.
→ music-magazine: GoodTimes • Feb. 2011

A great album that combines musical worlds
ZACATECOLUCA is Harry's 9th album, on which he combines the Sitar and ethnic elements with Rock Music. The pieces are mostly instrumental and ''ear-catching'', because Harry is focusing on the melodies.
''Zacatecoluca'' is a highly recommended CD for music lovers who are able to look outside the box and the usual sound of the Sitar. A great album that combines musical worlds!
→ MusikZircus-Magazin • Feb. 2011

Original and unique
Brilliantly staged music that offers a real alternative to conventional, everyday sounds. This album is something special. It's amazing how many varieties Payuta has come up.
All songs were written by him and most of the compositions are instrumental numbers. The exception proves the rule. Melvin Hernandez sings in ''Agua Del Mar'' and ''Santuario''.
Respect! Harry Payuta succeeded with ZACATECOLUCA a remarkably balanced and with many refinements featured album.
→ RockTimes • Dez 2010

Harry Payuta:
Sitar, Guitar & more

Konstantin Danilova:
Percussion (Russia)

Carlos Mendoza:
Guitar (El Salvador)

Melvin Hernandez:
Piano, Vocals (El Salvador)