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The sitar opens as if it was to become a song for the Beatles-Album ''Rubber Soul''.

But it won’t, because Harry Payuta, in business since Amon Düül, is not only a god-gifted multi-instrumentalist but also sparkles with ideas of his own.
So he created a whole string of real catchy melodies and Matthias Monka’s somewhat soulful vocals add a lot to turn them into songs of quite similar qualities as in the – at least partly – hip 60ties.
No wonder, some single tunes by Canned Heat and Frank Zappa blend in so well.

Nobody ever integrated the sitar into western Pop music in a more competent and adequate manner than Payuta,

and few are capable like him of keeping the good spirit of the 60s alive without sliding off into cheap nostalgia.
A great album!

Harry Payuta:
Sitar, keyboards, bass, percussion
organ on 6, piano on 12

Matthias Monka:
vocals, piano, organ, fender-rhodes piano

Michi Schmidt: Percussion

Frank Mattutat: Drums