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13 Tracks / total 64:58
Sitar Signs
indian spirits & caribbean spices

A CD full of Sitar-Sounds far away from indian classic. The music moves between Trance-Grooves and Worldmusic and makes also trips to Latin America. But because of the Sitar as lead-instrument all tracks are sounding very indian.
This CD maybe find in Chill-Out-Rooms of Goa-Parties. To get used to the Sitar, this CD is ideal.

Weser Kurier
Payuta admits elements of Jazz- and Worldmusic, confronts it with Trance and Rock- Beats.
But it´s the nature of the Sitar-Sound that there´s always a kind of Raga-Feeling, what is often combined with fat grooves.
In a way Payuta has devised the indo-german Sitar-Groove. A brilliant album.

Frankfurter Neue Presse
SITAR SIGNS   Harry Payuta & Friends
The music is outstanding with it´s balanced and concurrently pushing rhythm, what makes the right feeling.
Who wants to get excited in trance by indian sounds, will surely like SITAR SIGNS; anymore: he will be thrilled!

Harry Payuta: Sitar, Tanpura, Surbahar, Didgeridoo, Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Perc.
Michi Schmidt: Vibraphon, Percussion
Frank Mattutat: Drums, Bass
Dietmar Kirstein: Piano
Phil Krüger: 12-string acoustic-Guitar
Bernd Schlott: Clarinet
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