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S I T A R   S I G N S

Harry Payuta - sitar, tanpura, surbahar
didgeridoo, bass,keyb, perc.
Michi Schmidt - vibraphone, perc.
Frank Mattutat: drums, bass
Dietmar Kirstein: piano
Phil Krüger - acoustic-guitar, vocals
Bernd Schlott: clarinet

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A CD full of Sitar-Sounds far away from indian classic. The music moves between Trance-Grooves and Worldmusic and makes also trips to Latin America. But because of the Sitar as lead-instrument all tracks are sounding very indian.
This CD maybe find in Chill-Out-Rooms of Goa-Parties. To get used to the Sitar, this CD is ideal.
Harry Payuta stammt u.a. aus dem musikalischen Umfeld von Embryo. Diese CD findet sich vielleicht in den Kommunen Deutschlands wieder oder in den Chill-Out-Räumen von Goa-Parties. Um Neugierige an die Sitar zu gewöhnen, ist diese CD optimal.

Weser Kurier

Payuta admits elements of Jazz- and Worldmusic, confronts it with Trance and Rock- Beats.
But it´s the nature of the Sitar-Sound that there´s always a kind of Raga-Feeling, what is often combined with fat grooves.
In a way Payuta has devised the indo-german Sitar-Groove. A brilliant album.

Jazz Podium
The music is outstanding with it´s balanced and concurrently pushing rhythm, what makes the right feeling.
Who wants to get excited in trance by indian sounds, will surely like SITAR SIGNS; anymore: he will be thrilled!