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S O F T   F A L L

Harry Payuta:
sitar, tanpura, didgeridoo
guitar, bass, keyb, perc.

Bettina Erragihi: baroque-harp

Johannes Künzler: overtone vocals

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Schamanic Trance-Rhythms
with baroque and indian influences

»Weser Kurier«

Besides Harry Payuta are the overtone-singer Johannes Künzler and baroque-harp player Bettina Erragihi.

Thereby the 54-minute trip is very exciting: dialogs between sitar and harp are besides overtone - didgeridoo contacts.

The breaks between ecstatic and quiet parts are never hard, but always carefully and searching.

There is a surprise towards the end when the harp and sitar play the early Baroque composition »La Folia«.