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S I T A R   M O V E M E N T S

Harry Payuta

sitar, surbahar, keyb. perc.

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  Space Shamans

  Sky Diving


  Blue Haze

  Get Up



  Wizard Wings


The Sitar flows here refined into a general musical concept, with gentle percussion and even Trance-Grooves. It maintains the tradition of Harry Payuta classical Indian instrument and covers the whole range of the finest Blues & Chillout Music.
That's Sitar for Western ears. Unique, exotic, inspiring.
The first five tracks on the CD are very quiet and supporting, meditative and gently invigorating. The last four tracks are groovy act without beeing restless, gentle and powerful, chilling it well, but also to dance!

»Sitar Movements« are purchased by people, who look for an indian-sounding CD, but who don´t really want classical ragas.
Payuta plays the Sitar in a western style and this much easier to listen to for indian-untrained ears without. Payuta is doing this without any cut-back in musical quality.

Jazz Podium  
Payuta uses the timbre of the Sitar and the meditativ base of indian music, to realize his own ideas of melody and sounds. The music excites to a kind of flotation.