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Harry Payuta:
sitar, surbahar, tanpura, bass, keyb, perc.
Michi Schmidt:
vibraphone, berimbao, streeldrum, perc.
Frank Mattutat - drums, Bass
Uli Bösking - violin, viola
Klaus Fey - Sax, clarinet
Daniela Birschel - esraj, vocals

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  Funny Rain




  Enjoy Lambeau

  Limin 'n' Wining

  Moonlight Sight

  Ocean View

  Tropic Stars

  Wake Up...You're Late!


»The grandson of Sgt. Pepper«

10 compositions between US-Folkrock, British Psychedelia and those three years of Popmusic (1967-69), when even the ROLLING STONES used the Sitar.
Lead-Sitar, Rhythmus-Sitar, Bass-Sitar on a conventional Bass & Drums-basis, divers Keyboard-Sounds, Tenorsax, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Esraj as well as a lot of percussion-instruments.
Arranged like this Payuta only had to inspire some spirit of the late sixties and ready was the grandson of Sgt. Pepper.

»ixthuluh« (Austria)

There's nothing else like it in the world - this blend of Indian ragas, jazz, ambient, trance and shamanic elements, Harry Payuta's special brand of Worldbeat - Music.