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india redhot blue


FOLKER Jan 2005: 
»The grandson of Sgt. Pepper«

10 compositions between US-Folkrock, British Psychedelia and those three years of Popmusic (1967-69), when even the ROLLING STONES used the Sitar.
Lead-Sitar, Rhythmus-Sitar, Bass-Sitar on a conventional Bass & Drums-basis, divers Keyboard-Sounds, Tenorsax, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Esraj as well as a lot of percussion-instruments.
Arranged like this Payuta only had to inspire some spirit of the late sixties and ready was the grandson of Sgt. Pepper.

ixthuluh (Austria) Nov. 2004:  

There's nothing else like it in the world - this blend of Indian ragas, jazz, ambient, trance and shamanic elements, Harry Payuta's special brand of Worldbeat - Music.

Harry Payuta: Sitar, Surbahar, Tanpura, Bass, Keyboards, Perc., Synth-programming
Matthias Monka: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Fender-Rhodes-Piano
Michi Schmidt: Vibraphon, Berimbao, Streeldrum, Xylophon, Percussion
Frank Mattutat: Drums, Bass
Uli Bösking: Violine, Viola
Klaus Fey: Saxofon, Klarinette
Daniela Birschel: Esraj