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Harry Payuta - sitar, guitar, vocals & more
Joel Barraza - guitar (El Salvador)
Nob Wesch - guitar (Germany)
Marcial Amaya - bass (El Salvador)
Gruego Garcia - bass (El Salvador)
Felipe Gallegos - drums (El Salvador)

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It was always Payuta's intention to uncompromisingly develop his very own playing technique for the sitar and to give it a new place in western popular music. This time she is often »merciless« electrified and there are a lot of electric guitars around it, whereby the instruments are often very interwoven and hardly distinguishable, which together results in a new, interesting sound.

Harry Payuta is not only a sitarist, but a multi-instrumentalist and for the first time there are ''sitar-free zones'' on this album. In addition to various other instruments, he plays many guitar parts together with other exceptional guitarists from El Salvador and Germany.

For the most part instrumental, there are also some songs here. After many years of pure instrumental music, Payuta could not resist the attempt to use his voice again.

So stretches »between a rock ...« the widest musical arc to date in Payuta's previous CD releases.