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20 Tracks / total 72:21
Didge News

high energy power trance rhythms
and sensitive dream trances


On DIDGE NEWS Payuta brings the sound-potentials of the Didgeridoo to perfection.

ixthuluh (Austria)

In a fulminant way Payuta brings together the incomparable sound of the Didgeridoo with traditional acoustic and electrified instruments as well as central-asian overtone-singing.
PAYUTA & Friends are spectacular in realizing the historical sound-world into High-Energy-Trance-Rhythms but also to sensual moments.

Harry Payuta: Didgeridoo, Sitar, Tanpura, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Berimbao, Perc.
Dieter Serfas: Drums, Talking-Drums, Pedal-Talking-Drums, Vocals
Arjopa: Throat-Singing
Dietmar Kirstein: Piano
Phil Krüger: 12-string acoustic-Guitar
P. Grain: Fujara

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