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    »   Bella Donna feat. Harry Payuta   . . .   Harry Payuta enriched the album with his sitar.
Dunkelklang 10.04.2019
    »   SunTempleCircus feat. Harry Payuta   . . .   Famous notorious master of the sitar
Music-Reviews 11.01.2019
    »   Harry Payuta & Slow Motion   . . .   Spherical sounds
Weser-Kurier 03.03.2018
    »   Rock-Sitarist is back   . . .   Payuta fascinates at a concert in Quelkhorn Weser-Kurier 29.09.2017

    »   Rousing songwriter album with folk, rock and blues Power Gästeliste.de 03.03.2016
    »   Songs and Instrumentals full of atmosphere Gästeliste.de 03.03.2016
    »   Varied and unique Jolly Joker / 01-2016
    »   A blend of Western Guitar, Indian Sitar & Cuban Percussion Promo - Text / 01-2016

    »   With a lot of Sitar in the mix
Music Street Journal 09.2015

      L I V E
    »   Psycho-Trip with considerable musical pressure Weser-Kurier / 05-2014
    »   Rhythmic Fire inside the Masonry Bayrische Rundschau / 05-2014
    »   Sitar Star back in Germany Weser-Kurier / 01-2014
    »   Sitar-Star Harry Payuta back in Fischerhude Weser-Kurier / 01-2014
    »   Payuta back in Germany! Weser-Kurier / 01-2014

  Between a rock and a hard place
    »   The main focus is Rock! Good Times / 03-2013
    »   No indian Sitar-Music to be expected inside! Eclipsed / 03-2013
    »   Between progfusion, mainstream and world-music babyblaue-seiten.de / 03-2013
    »   That would be a good alternative in the charts! Rocktimes / 03-2013
    »   A safe trip between ethno - and rock worlds Hoanzel / 03-2013

  The Furious Swampriders   ...   various artists
    »   Payuta come out as a singer-songwriterr music-magazine: Reviews / 06-2012

    »   Unusual, bold, interesting and innovative music-magazine: GoodTimes / 02-2011
    »   A great album that combines musical worlds! MusikZirkus Magazin / 01-2011
    »   ''Zacatecoluca'' ... something special! Rocktimes / 12-2010
    »   new album ''Zacatecoluca'' / progressive and original Prog-Reviews / 11-2010
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2013 - 2003
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» Bella Donna feat. Harry Payuta   . . .   enriched the album with his sitar «
Music-Review 11.01.2019

With the new album, the listener embarks on a journey that is both sonorous and deeply emotional. Harry Payuta, who has also provided lyrics and vocals to the song ''Dreamfile'', enriched the album with his sitar.

» SunTempleCircus feat. Harry Payuta ... famous notorious master of the Sitar «
Music-Reviews 11.01.2019

Welcome to the Indian Sun Temple and the German Rock Circus, which is being spurred on by two great musical freethinkers: Tom 'The Perc' Redecker and HARRY PAYUTA, the famous notorious german master of the indian Sitar, the instrument that became world-famous by Ravi Shankar.

» Harry Payuta & Slow Motion ... Spherical sounds «
Weser-Kurier 03.03.2018

In the club atmosphere of 'Bergwerk', an almost intimate atmosphere quickly developed in the large hall, when Harry Payuta introduced songs from his latest album. He presented pieces from his own pen, which once again had a spiritual color. As an acoustic answer to this, the band 'Slow Motion' joined in, who have already performed several successful performances in the in this club.

Musicians and instruments merge into a whole. Immediately, the room is filled with almost supernatural sounds, the conversations in the rows of spectators are silent, Payuta's attention was focused.
Tenderly, the musician begins a performance that effortlessly manages to hijack the listener into another world, captivating and inspiring people for the instrument he masters so masterfully.
The rhythm becomes clearer, faster, and the audience begins to sway to the beat. It seems to be just as remote, as Payuta, who is called in the music scene as a star sitarist and who plays this instrument, as in this country nobody else.

» Rock-Sitarist is back   . . .   Payuta fascinates at a concert in Quelkhor «
Weser-Kurier 29.09.2017

Payuta once again fascinated as a strings wizard, who has succeeded to adapt the Sitar to western sounds and relaxed Rock. If Payuta is seen on the stage, the visitor sometimes feels as if he were caught in other worlds - one with himself and his sitar. The typical sound of the instrument fascinates and gives a rock concert a very special groove.
Payuta and Nob Wesch, a virtuoso guitarist and vocalist, an unbeatable duo that evening, celebrated the combination of the electrified indian Sitar into western songs that would not be imaginable without a guitar. In conjunction with Ralf Marckardt (bass) and Sven Bartel (percussion), the ensemble delivered a sound of an extra class.

» Rousing songwriter album with folk, rock and blues Power «
Gästeliste.de 03.03.2016

What still distinguishes the german-born world-blues-musician Harry Payuta, is the fact that he has managed to stage west sounding rock and blues phrasing credibly with a sitar - probably as the only one.
This may be due to the fact that it also presents itself as a virtuoso guitarist and knows how to create unique timbres in interaction.
Not at a World-Music-Affair, but a rousing songwriter album with folk, rock and blues Power and fascinating, instrumental soundweavings that are definitely in this kind doesn´t excist a second time.

» Songs and Instrumentals full of atmosphere «
Musikreviews.de 26.01.2016

''Sweet Gloom'' surprises by the fact that it just does not build its foundation solely on the sitar, but much more is based on the singer / songwriter level and Cuban percussion. But Payuta never loses his sitar sense out of sight, because it has become his trademark. So wise he decided, to record four purely instrumentals of the twelve songs.
''Spice Of Spain'' features flamenco rhythms, while on ''Privateer'' carried by a dreamy bass and guitar sound, the sitar sings their own 'song'. Almost the same applies to ''Pick up'', only that this is not dreamy, but full of fire, and ''Moving'' comes up with elated, spanish rhythms.
Also Payutas voice has a pleasant sound - almost tender, soft and fragile with cryptic ''hoarseness''. And the stories he tells in his sung, remain excellent course with the brillant recording quality.
''Sweet Gloom'' is the tender, warm side in a world, which just seems to lose this site more and more in their cold and hot wars.
CONCLUSION: ''Sweet Gloom'' has become exactly what the title promises . ''Sweet Gloom'' that is not about an old, brooding grumbler, but songs and Instrumentales full of atmosphere.

» Varied and unique «
Jolly Joker / 01-2016

Sweet Gloom
About Sireena Records the 11th studio album by HARRY PAYUTA ''Sweet Gloom' will be released on February 26, 2016', with the addition feat. DENIS BARZAGA ILIZASTIQUI.
Although the Sitar further the central role in HARRY PAYUTA's music is, ''Sweet Gloom'' weighted differently and is ultimately a singer / songwriter album supported by the Sitar.
The 12 songs are varied and unique. For this kind of music a place in the western pop should be free. Therefore necessarily advisable for music lovers with a wide musical horizon.

» A blend of Western Guitar, Indian Sitar & Cuban Percussion «
Promo - Text / 01-2016

Sweet Gloom
SWEET GLOOM originated in 2015 when Harry Payuta lived in San Sebastián / Spain, where he had focust on the acoustc western guitar. He was already working on some songs when he met the cuban percussionist Denis Barzaga Ilizastiqui.
Soon there was the idea to produce an album exclusively with acoustic guitar, vocals, sitar, bass and cuban percussion. The songs are based on the guitar while the sitar is mainly used as the solo instrument.
Harry Payuta has a passion for unusual musical combinations and own ways on which SWEET GLOOM is another new step.

» There´s a lot of Sitar in the mix «
Music Street Journal / 09-2015

With a lot of sitar in the mix, this killer nearly six minute instrumental lands between psychedelia, prog and space rock. I suppose it fits into the “jam band” heading, but it’s almost less rock than one would think given that label. Nothing changes fast here, but there is evolution and growth.
Harry Payuta: Sitar, voc, bass / Tom ''The Perc'' Redecker: voc, guitar / Jochen Schoberth: guitar / Marlon Klein: drums, percussion

» Psycho-Trip with considerable musical pressure «
Weser-Kurier / 05-2014

Sun Temple Circus
A sextet with well known names in the German and Bremen rock scene. The prelude to the colorful evening between Ethno-Trance and Space-Rock contested first the half of the band, namely the sitar player Harry Payuta with the guitarrist Jochen Schoberth (Art Work, Goethes Erben) and the drummer Marlon Klein (Dissidenten, Pili-Pili).
Payuta, many years bassist und guitarrist in bands like Amnesia Vivace, discovered several years ago the Indian Sitar, and created his own technique in an electrically amplified Rock-Style. The result was to some extent an Indo-German trip, whose psychedelic character was reinforced by bubble-picture projections.
Afterwars it rocked more, when singer and guitarrist Tom Redecker hit the Trio and Payuta changed the Sitar against guitar and bass. Songs of Payuta and Redecker followed.
With Uli Bösking (ex Amnesia Vivace; Virulent Violins) and his E-Mandola as well as Alpha Halley (ex-Dry Halleys) on keyboard and computer the Sextett was compplete and now the band was jamming to large excursions with extensive Space-Parts and a lot of fun; improvisations somewhere between the ideas, which once had Embryo, otherwise a massiv basic of Rock-Beats. This was done in a way that the stage and hall were so fogged that only schemes of musicians could be seen.
A Psycho-Trip with considerable musical pressure. (Christian Emigholz)

» Rhythmic Fire inside the Masonry «
Bayrische Rundschau / 05-2014

The band let the building tremble. Harry Payuta excelled on the Sitar.
Rhythmic fire rollers balanced through the hall, wavebreaking at the walls, the sound-speeds were overrunning the time-speeds. What the band ''Sun Temple Project'' was powering out with the instruments had it all; lightning perfectionism, professional sympathy and absolute accuracy.
Tom ''The Perc'' Redecker and Harry Payuta were the absolute stars with a compelling sound und groove. They were completed with Jochen Schoberth (guitar) and Thoams Blumensaat (drums) and performed a brillant concert. The sound-qualities with star fibrillation inside the galaxies tangle went to a thrilling trip.
A special feature was certainly the Sitar by Harry Payuta. The Indian string-instrument aroused in spite of the high volume deep feelings. (Horst Wunner)

» Sitar Star back in Germany «
Weser-Kurier / 01-2014

After 6 years in El Salvador Harry Payuta is back in Germany and was celebrating a musical comeback in Fischerhude, where he dad lived many years. It promised to be a high-quality concert in front of a large audience. Harry Payuta has perfected his unique sitar style. In his years in El Salvador, his style had evolved significantly and the influences of genres such as Rock and Jazz have become more significant.
The influences of modern, western influenced music styles were quickly apparent in a rousing intro. Virtuoso the multi-instrumentalist played the Sitar that offers a tremendous variety of sounds. Most of the songs where from his last two albums, which he had produced during the time in El Salvador. Eclectic and surprising are the current titles of the sitar virtuoso, breaks and turning points mark some songs, that make it progressive and surprising. The audience confirmed this with great enthusiasm.
With its special style Harry Payuta moves between musical worlds, combining various musical styles into a harmonious whole - the groovy influence ensured that the audience was getting directly to the repertoire.
His repertoire offered a variety of emotions. The apparently playfulness of the experienced sitar-player increased the emotionality of the title even further. And so the audience was entertained perfectly.

» Sitar-Star Harry Payuta back in Fischerhude «
Weser-Kurier / 01-2014

Before Payuta emigrated to El Salvador in 2007, he lived for many years in Fischerhude. On Saturday, 25.01 at 8:00 p.m., he is on the stage of their gallery, (In Bredenau 1a), a kind of comeback solo concert. He plays live sitar and guitar to pre-produced, almost entirely produced by himself recordings. Payuta has developed his own technique for the sitar, electrified the sound and given her a new place in Western popular music.

» Payuta back in Germany! «
Weser-Kurier / 01-2014

Until july 2013 Harry Payuta lived for six years in El Salvador. There, the sitar-player made the instrument popular, created a musical network and produced his 9. and 10. album.Payuta, who describes himself as ''Rocksitarist'', gave concerts with changing line-ups in almost all theaters, concert halls and clubs in El Salvador. He did not care about the spread of Indian music culture, but the presentation of his unique compositions containing a mixture of rock, blues, pop, trance and - represent some lndian influences - due to the sound of the sitar.
Now, the multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer has returned for a while to his hometown Bremen and gives some solo concerts. He wanted to listen to himself, what he do in the next few years, what he wants to change. In his hometown Bremen he wants to continue his musical connections. After 6 years in Central America, a certain rootlessness have had an impact. The musicians have felt the desire not to loose his contacts to Germany.

» The main focus is Rock! «
Good Times / 03-2013

In Harry Payutas 10th album, of course, once again dominates the Sitar, but there are also some tracks without his special instrument! The main focus is Rock (''Cry for the Moon''), even if there are some World-Music influences or Payuta adds here and there some programmed drumsounds and occasional guitar synthesizer, which gives sometimes an electronical touch. (Note H. Payuta:'' Some drum sounds are electronical, but not programmed, but manually recorded 1 x 1'').
The mood moves between midtempo, ballads, epic (''Out of India'' is reminiscent of Pink Floyd), but also groovy and Prog-Fusion.
Germany´s leading sitarist´s spectrum is widely held - where he has tried, in his own words, not to play indian sitar-music, when he recorded his consistently self-composed tracks.

» No indian Sitar-Music to be expected inside! «
Eclipsed / 03-2013

''No indian Sitar-Music to be expected inside!''Warning or irony? Probably the best prevention against false expectations. On 10 albums so far, the German has dealt with the sitar, it involved in the Anglo-American rock, largely freed from the touch of the exotic and used as a rock guitar.
And so the 17 new tracks are guitar rock, with the peculiarity just that some of the guitar solos will be held just taken over by the sitar.
Of course, the tone always awakens Indian associations. A small side effect, nothing more.''Cry For The Moon'' is just good Rock. ''Moonstruck'' is a bit jazzy. ''Bleeding'' Stardust'' offers an excellent guitar solo. ''At Your Side'' remembers of George Harrison. ''Keys Of Peace'' is a Hippie-Dream.

» Original and worth listening between progfusion, mainstream and world-music «
babyblue-seiten.de / 03-2013

On the current (2013) album of Harry Payuta ''between a rock and a hard place'' he playsalong the Sitar also bass-, guitar-, drums-, percussion-, and keyboardparts. The drums of the project-leader are virtual origin, what the music always gives an interesting electronic note.
The melodic guitars ideas instrumentals remebers me of the solo albums by Steve Howe. Unlike Howe Payuta devotes sufficient attention to the design of its rhythms and has in arranging other sounds except guitar in sight.
''Moonstruck'', the first track with singing, sounds like an unknown side of George Harrison: World Music-sounds in modern arrangements, without a phlegmatic note.
The final ''Final Stroke hijacked'' the listener for a change in the areas that were perhaps previously outlined on the second disc of Summers & Fripp. There, it was a bit immature, as it succeeded Payuta here.
A note on the cover of ''indian sitar music is not to be expected'' indicative of the very own way of Harry Payuta. Because he plays everything on the famous Indian instrument, just not what you would expect from the instrument first.
Payuta seems to be more a guitarist, who - if he not plays the sitar - subordinates his guitar playing the melody lines rather, than demonstrating his virtuosity. If Payuta but should be a guitar virtuoso, he fortunately does not show it.
All in all ''Between a Rock and Hard Place'' for me became an original and listenable disc between Progfusion, mainstream and world music.

» That would be a good alternative in the charts! «
Rocktimes / 03-2013

''Between a rock and a hard place'' is already the 10th album in Payutas career. For the first time there are 'sitarfree' tracks. Payuta would like to go musically as far away from the origin of the sitar. Away from the Indian sound, towards the traditional western music.
''Cry For The Moon'' is the prelude and sounds first a little to indian music. But by the rocking rhythm and the electric guitar solo it turns clearly in the direction of rock.
'' Tracker'' has an unusual bass figure, which indicates a departure from the mainstream rock. Moreover, it is not typical, if bluesy guitar solos are played on the sitar.
It is named 'Worldbeat-Rock'. This is not so far-fetched. ''Corrida'' und ''Stardust is bleeding'' are offering a lot of guitar improvisation.
'' At Your Side''has a strong dash of country-rock. The song has a catchy melody and is quite suitable for mass production. The title would be a good change once in the charts.
Relaxation and atmosphere radiates'' from'' Blue Shadow.''Take You Home'' is another catchy song number. ''Out Of India'' begins with floating sitar and guitar sounds, and is reminiscent of Pink Floyd.
The mood is not particularly happy, yet very melancholy, but rather something in between, but mostly relaxed yet. The experiment 'Sitar Goes Rock' can be described as successful.

» A safe trip between ethno - and rock worlds «
Hoanzel / 03-2013

The 10th Album of the internationally acclaimed German sitar player Harry Payuta is a sleepwalker safe trip between ethno- and rock-worlds.
That means definitely a'' Back to the Roots'' for Payuta, who worked as a singer, songwriter, guitarist and bassist already in various musical projects such as The VeeJays, Mojo Club and The Electric Family.

» Payuta comes out as a Singer-Songwriter «
music-magazine: Reviews / 06-2012

Sampler ''The Furious Swampriders'':
Harry Payutas unreleased solo amazes and beats for this compilation of the species
The man has been recorded, except the bass, all the instruments himself and precipitated as a slightly psychedelic singer-songwriter.

» Unusual as bold, interesting and innovative «
music-magazine: GoodTimes / 02-2011

Harry Payuta is considered one of Germany's best Sitar players - why, he demonstrates on his ninth album.
All tracks literally vibrate and the Sitar-melodies are homogeneously integrated into western Rock-sounds and grooves. Payutas music can perhaps be called ''World-Rock'' including electronic sounds.
Harry Payuta is at least remarkable and his music grabs the listener. unusual as bold, interesting and innovative.

» A great album that combines musical worlds! «
MuskZirkus Magazin / 01-2011

ZACATECOLUCA is Harry's 9th album, on which he combines the Sitar and ethnic elements with Rock Music.
The pieces are mostly instrumental and ''ear-catching'', because Harry is focusing on the melodies.
''Aqua del Mar'', sung by Melvin Hernandez, with using electric guitar and latin rhythm become a tribute to Carlos Santana (the piece could actually be from a Santana Album).
And ''Great To Be Anywhere'' breathes the pure Rock (though the Sitar again brings an incomparable tone to the track). A touch of Rolling Stones cannot be dismissed out of hand. Harry has dedicated this piece to Keith Richards.
''Zacatecoluca'' is a successful blend of Ethno-Rock Music and other musical styles. A highly recommended CD for music lovers who are able to look outside the box and the usual sound of the Sitar (it is used very often and reminds much to George Harrison). A great album that combines musical worlds!

» ''Zacatecoluca'' ... something special! «
Rocktimes / 12-2010

ZACATECOLUCA is brilliantly staged music and offers a real alternative to conventional, everyday sounds. This album is something special. It's amazing how many varieties Payuta has come up. Oh Lord, this bass in the driving then flying ''Carrera'' is to die for!
In addition Payuta plays guitar on ''Great To Be Anywhere'', a homage to Keith Richards and it has some tasty guitar licks.

Respect! Harry Payuta succeeded with ZACATECOLUCA a remarkably balanced and with many refinements featured album. The Indian instrument in the foreground and the beautiful musical environment, the well forty-nine minutes have been well designed.
Who is looking for something unique, will come to this Payuta plate from over.

» new album ''Zacatecoluca'' / Progressive and original «
Prog-Reviews / 11-2010

An experienced german Sitar player, who combines on his 9th album Worldmusic with electronic rhythms, funky bass pulsing (as Chapman-Stick players) and sometimes jazzy Sitar solos.
Harry Payuta has his sitar playing ''very westernized'' so that in places only the instrument is indian but not the play. Payuta plays with his Friends unusual and really interesting music.
Imagine just before, the disc has Tony Levin (basses here to remind me several times to him) brought out with his buddies from around the world on ''Real World'' Label by Peter Gabriel, ok?

» Rock-Music with a light India vibe «
FolkWorld / 03-2011

Harry Payuta is a sitar, guitar and bass player and together with friends on piano, guitar, percussion and vocals he has recorded fifteen of his new compositions on this ninth album ZACATECOLUCA.
Don’t expect to hear some subtle and traditional Sitar music. Payuta likes rock and plays his Sitar as if he is playing an electric guitar.
This results in a kind of Rock-Music with a light India vibe, but only because of the recognizable sound of the instrument. Suitable for those who like pop music and is in the mood for an exotic touch.

» Sitar ''going wrong'' «
Nordwest Zeitung / 11-2013

Harry Payuta wants to bring the Sitar far away from indian clichés. Therefore he uses on his new album ''between a rock and a hard place'' a lot of guitars and electronic. This album he presented the audience on tuesday night at Kulturhaus Müller.
Even though he is with his new album ''Gone Wrong'', the Sitar is still in the center of his ''stage show''. Because the giant instrument is an eyecatcher. But the sitarist does not only presented his technique on the Sitar, but also demonstrated his competence on the guitar.
The influences on his new album are very clear in evidence. The album was produced in El Salvador. But in actual fact his roots are in Rock. ''I am a Rock-Sitarist'' he says smiling. But also present are influences of Blues and Jazz. ''I never presumed to imitate indian clasical music. I created my own style.''

» Payuta in Germany: ''He get´s better & better'' «
Weser-Kurier, Germany/ 07-2009

''Harry Payuta always get´s better - as a soloist or with band'', a fan of the world musician enthused about his career.
Since two years living in Central America, Payuta spent some days in Germany and gave a unique concert with his original band PAYUTA & FRIENDS. He was really pleased about the great interest for his music and pronounced a Best of Harry Payuta event. The first part of the concert he played solo. Barefoot sitting on his carpet he played the first part solo and took the audience for a musical journey.
The second set he played with his original band Harry Payuta & Friends. Frank Mattutat, drums, Ralf Marckardt, bass and Christian Wiegenhagen, guitar, performed a mix from the 8 CD's of Payuta. Enthusiastic applause brought the band to his top form.

» A spectacle never seen en El Salvador / Suchitoto «
German Embassy El Salvador / 02-2009

Already the 2nd time the wellknown german Sitar-Player Harry Payuta took part at the Music Festival in Suchitoto / El Salvador. At the 14. of febrero he gave a concert with several dancers, the guitar player Carlos Mendoza and the percussionist Konstantin Danilova.
At the end of the concert Harry Payuta did something never seen and heard in El Salvador; two titles with the australian Didgeridoo. Beneath the indian Sitar also an instrument pretty unknown in Centro-America.
The big audience was very enthusiastic from the varied program and the performances of dancers.

» A musician extraordinary «
Weser-Kurier / 02-2009

At the 4. of juli there will be a concert with a very special musician: Harry Payuta, who today lives in El Salvador,
While he is presenting his music there with great success, he decided to give some concerts again in Germany. One will be at the KuKuC in Ottersberg near Bremen with his german band: Matthias Monka, Frank Mattutat, Ralf Marckardt and Christian Wiegenhagen.

» Payuta & Friends - DEPARTURE / Rock-Sitar «
Bewusster Leben / 04-2008

Since the 70th Payuta plays Rock, Blues, Jazz, Avantgarde and Worldmusic. In this process for him more and more an instrument became important, that is very untypical for this music: The indian Sitar.
In his 8th album the german multiinstrumentalist get's back to his roots Rock and Blues. The Sitar, the main melody instrument, not only replaces the traditional Rock-Guitar, it even beats it with it's fine shading. This is to hear on Blueshits like ''On the Road again'' from Canned Heat.
All songs, except this and a track from Frank Zappa, are new and written by Payuta. The profoundet lyrics are by Matthias Monka, who knows to sings them with an intoxicating, charismatic voice.
Not only qualified for an ambitious Dance-Party

» Payuta & Friends - DEPARTURE «
Global Mojo / 11-2007

The sitar opens as if it was to become a song for the Beatles-Album ''Rubber Soul''. But it won't, because Harry Payuta, in business since Amon Düül, is not only a god-gifted multi-instrumentalist but also sparkles with ideas of his own.
So he created a whole string of real catchy melodies and Matthias Monka's somewhat soulful vocals add a lot to turn them into songs of quite similar qualities as in the - at least partly - hip 1960s. No wonder, some single tunes by Canned Heat and Frank Zappa blend in so well.
Nobody ever integrated the sitar into western Pop music in a more competent and adequate manner than Payuta, and few are capable like him of keeping the good spirit of the 60s alive without sliding off into cheap nostalgia. A great album!

» Intoxicating Farewell-Concert «
Weser-Kurier / 07-2007

Harry Payuta changes to El Salvador for some years and the fans were standing till outside the door for this musical Goodbye.
Payuta fuses the sound of the indian Sitar with influences of Pop, Jazz and Blues to a unique musical stream. A sizzling, very rhythmic stream, in which musical afterimages appear like rocks of the past.
Seeming facile the riffs from ''Jumping Jack Flash'' are inserted in the special aura of the indian instrument. ''Like an Eagle'' is a song with an absolutely country feeling, that in his further course reminds the great ''Allman Brothers''.
Elsewhere a heavy drum leads to rockmusical canyons, from where Payutas Sitar is howling like an electric guitar.
This all may show, how it succeeded Payuta & Friends, to integrate the special sound of the Sitar in a soundscape, that reflects the musical influences of an eventful musical background in a homogeneous form.
And finally ''DEPARTURE'', the new album of Payuta, has become a song album. Not at least the souly voice of Matthias Monka admits this great meeting of Sitar and Pop-Music.

» Harry Payuta leaves to El Salvador «
Weser Kurier / 06-2007

The wellknown Sitar-Player leaves Germany and changes to El Salvador for some years to work there as a musician and producer.
His new CD ''DEPARTURE'' will be released in oct. 2007 and the critics are unique already before the release: ''Payuta's rock-bluesy sitar and Matthias Monka's soulful vocals blend here in an entirely new and surprising sound.''

» Farewell and new album «
Achimer Kreisblatt / 06-2007

TV und Radio-Shows, sold out concert tours, CD productions and performances in front of excalted fans made this extraordinary musician to a Star in this genre.
Harry Payuta goes to El Salvador to work there as a musician and a producer. At his Farewell-Concert at 16th/june the songs of his new CD »DEPARTURE« will be already performed, although the CD which will come out in october 2007 (JARO-Medien).
Payuta worked on this album clothly together with Matthias Monka (Vocals, Piano), who already has worked with artists like Joe Cocker and Phil Collins.

» SITAR JOURNEYS - New and long awaited. The new Sitar-Album of Payuta! «
Traumzeit / 02-2006

New and long awaited. The new Sitar-Album of Payuta!
»Sitar ... Journeys« is a consequential trip. The cosmic shaman Payuta has produced a brillant and alluring CD:
Like a maelstrom the songs involves deeper and deeper into sense, trance, relaxation and actual at the end there´s only one ... Repeat!
More than 70 minutes the 8 new songs are weaving deep into the awareness of the auditor - most of the songs are 10-minute tracks and full of suspending arrangements, which are circling round the Sitar like a ring.
Smooth trance-rhythms pulsates and - as the cover shows - let you flow through unknown galaxies.

» Payutas most tropica album «
ORF AT web-radio - Highlights / 03-2005

Karibische Sitar
Take an indian instrument, a world-open spirit, a pack of music paper and then up to the CARIBBEAN! Namely to one of the less crowded islands, Tobago for example.
There Harry Payuta composed in face of all the deflection of the tropic sun and the tropc surf amongst the noisiness of tropic birds and tropic rain, his most tropical album, that he produced in Fischerhude with hid ''Friends''.
The result is »india redhot blue« and satisfies all music-requirements between rockin´-jazzin´ and indo-caribbean dance-meditations in fast and slow motions. Worthy to hear!

» There is no limit of styles «
Jazzdimensions - Berlin / 02-2005

There is no limit of styles for Harry Payuta. Already in 2003 he produced »Sitar Movements« und »Sitar Signs«, which was more than succeeded a fusion of Indian-Music and Trance.
»india redhot blue« was composed on Tobago, so between Blues influences, Jazz and Rock there are also appended sounds from the Caribbean, mixed with incomparable grooves, ocean- and jungle-sounds. One more time Payuta & Friends did the splits of music very successful.

» The grandson of Sgt. Pepper «
FOLKER / 02-2005

Payutas new album pricked up my ears, for it contains ten compositions in the area between US-Folkrock, British Psychedelia and those three years of Popmusic (1967-69), when even the hardest Rock´n´Roll- Band on earth (Rolling Stones) used the Sitar.
Payuta arranged the tracks like he would have done it in a Rockband: Lead-Sitar, Rhythmus-Sitar, Bass-Sitar on a conventional Bass & Drums-basis, divers Keyboard-Sounds, Tenorsax, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Esraj as well as a lot of percussion-instruments.
So Payuta only had to inspire some spirit of the late sixties and ready was »the grandson of Sgt. Pepper«.

» Master of Ethno-Grooves «
Weser-Kurier / 11-2004

On his new album »india redhot blue« (Jaro-Medien) Harry Payuta succeeded the fusion of India and the Caribbean. He combines the warm and always a bit mysterious sound of the sitar with the temper of the Tobago-Island, mixing Trance-Grooves and Jazz- and Rock-elements among them.
He favorites the Sitar because of the significant sound and tries to find new ways. On »india redhot blue« he worked very successful.

» There's nothing else like it in the world «
ixthuluh-Austria / 11-2004

There's nothing else like it in the world - this blend of Indian ragas, jazz, ambient, trance and shamanic elements, Harry Payuta's special brand of Worldbeat - Music.

» As relaxing as it is crackling with suspense «
Chr. Emigholz - Music Journalist / Nov 2004

Harry Payuta has arrived! Four words suffice to sum up the great leap the world beat musician has made with his current album India redhot blue. The result is an album as relaxing as it is crackling with suspense, a fruit that can only have ripened in the Southern sun..

» Cosmic Shaman «
Abaton Sound-Spirit / 01-2004

Payuta reached a first class synthesis between indian music and Trance-Ambient.
Wonderful soundscapes played by a »cosmic shaman«, to experience visions and for dancing. East meets West.

» Payuta combines indian Sitar with western grooves «
Spuren - Schweiz / 12-2003

On his new album SITAR MOVEMENTS Payuta combines indian Sitar with western grooves with ability and a very good feeling.

» The music excites to a kind of flotation «
Jazz Podium / 08-2003

Payuta uses the timbre of the Sitar and the meditativ base of indian music, to realize his own ideas of melody and sounds. The music excites to a kind of flotation

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