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H  i  s  S  t  o  r  y
This is a short picture biography from 1970 till today. Many photos got lost in this more than 30 years.
For some periods like my working in »Contemporary Music« and in Dancefloor-Music with the »Mojo-Club« / Hamburg, there are no photo documentaries. So this is just a little view into some parts of my musical work ...
hope it´s amusing!
the early years

''Evil'' of my youth: Dance-Music (about 1970)
Payuta of the future in the center

NEXT promofoto (1975) . . . . Payuta on the right

on the top of the Tourbus / Rockband NEXT (1973)

bass-player and singer with THE NEXT

First single-record   (center)

Fancy Free
Bassist with the Jazz-Quintett FANCY FREE (1981-83)

Debil Agil

FANCY FREE, playing basically Jazz Standards, turned in 1983 into a band, that was called DEBIL AGIL and later AMNESIA VIVACE and.....the name was the program!!!
This vanguard-band experimentalised with 12-tone-music, Minimal-Music and Dadaism..


  D. Kirstein,  W. Thiemann,  Uli Bösking,  H. Payuta

Amnesia Vivace


After this project became more and more sophisticated and extroverted, I had the feeling of loosing my musical bottom. So I decided to cancel AMNESIA VIVACE and formed the Rock'n'Roll Band THE VEE JAYS, that existed from 1987- to 1994.
I was touring a lot with this band and we made two LP- and one CD-production with guest musicians like Carolyn Maas/USA (vocals), who had a big hit called »Sitting in the Dark« in the 70th and Tav Falco/USA, the Rockabilly-Unique, who also produced our last CD »From the Shores of Count Orlok«.

Jim Blitzstein: organ, vocals . . . . . . Harry Payuta: bass, guitar, vocals
Hank Hairtree: drums      Lewis Panciera: guitar

with TAV FALCO (1991)


In Cold Blood
In 1993 I began to be interested in shamanism, spirituality, World- und Overton-music, what became part of the band. At the same time I learned to play the australien Didgeridoo and the indian Sitar. This Worldmusic-influences brought a change of musicans and the name of the band changed into IN COLD BLOOD.


Since 2000 I am working mainly on my worldbeat-project PAYUTA with variable bandcast.

Further projects:

parallel to my own projects for some years I was a member of the band THE ELECTRIC FAMILY;
a melting pot of musicians from Embryo, Amon Düül, Grobschnitt, Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Guru Guru etc.


Didgeridoo + Percussion-Group

Bettina Erragihi: Baroque Harp
Frank Mattutat: Drums
Harry Payuta: Didgeridoo, Sitar

Ulrike Petritzki: Historical Flutes
Harry Payuta: Didgeridoo
Eckhard Petri: Saxophon

goes Dancefloor

what sadly never really happened !!!
Payuta - Keith Richards Payuta - Frank Zappa
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