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Thrilling songwriter album with folk, rock and blues power      (Musikreviews.de)

'Sweet Gloom' surprises by the fact that it is not based solely on the sitar, but much more on the singer / songwriter level and Cuban percussion, but without sacrificing sitar, guitar or bass based. In ''Sweet Gloom'' Payuta never loses sight of his sitar-sense, because it has become his trade mark. He cleverly decided to record four of the altogether twelve songs purely instrumental.
'Spice Of Spain' flaunts flamenco rhythms, while 'Privatier' lives off the dreamy bass and guitar sound and the sitar sings its own 'song'. The same applies to 'Pick Up', except that it is not dreamy, but full of fire to the point and 'Moving' comes up with lively, Spanish rhythms.

Payuta's voice, too, has a pleasant sound - almost tender, gentle and fragile with subtle 'hoarseness'. And the stories he tells in his exclusively english sung songs remain so excellent in a brilliant CD recording quality.

CONCLUSION: Sweet Gloom has become exactly what its title promises. 'Sweet melancholy' that does not bring to light an old, brooding mourning dumpling, but songs and instrumentasl full of atmosphere.