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L P / Vinyl  4 Tracks / total 36:10

Harry Payuta: sitar, guitar, bass, vocals Sitar-Virtuoso, plays the ''mercyless electrified, rockiest'' Sitar on earth. After 6 years in Central-America and 1 year in Spain back in Germany. Multiinstrumentalist and producer. Also played with with the Vee Jays, Tav Falco, Carolyn Mas, The Electric Family and international projects from USA to Indien.
Tom THE PERC Redecker: vocals, guitar, keyboards German Independent-Veteran. Multinstrumentalist. Foundet The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentleman, The Electric Family, Taras Bulba. Many Solo-Albums. Producer with own Record label.
Jochen Schoberth: guitar. As gutarist, producer and video-director one of the lynchpins of the Gothic- and Independent-Scene. Worked with Bands like The Cure, Him, Sisters Of Mercy, Anne Clark, Wolfsheim, Unheilig and many others.
Marlon Klein: drums, percussion, sequencer Extra-class drummer. From tge beginning an d still with the ethnorock-legend Dissidenten. Formerly with Pilli Pilli, Gary Wright, George Harrison, Real Ax Band etc. Also working as a producer.
guests ... Uli Boesking: mandola ... Alpha Halley: keyboards

This ''Music-Circus''is made up of a number of well known music artists, who demonstrate vividly how 'playing' let musical boundaries in the truest sense of the word exceed.
Nothing is unaccustomed to them. If Progressive-, Ethno-, Folk or Krautrock, if Delta Blues or electonic spacesound-trips – all can happen !
The members do not ''stick to their seats'', chenge their instruments, sometimes solo, as twos or with the full band on stage. Some arises spontaneously, the time counts. And the fun of playing together, improvising and informal jam.
So every appearance of this ''circus' gets unique and unmistakable.

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