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L P / CD - 7 Titel / gesamt 42:46

Release: 05.2017
Terra Circus

One can say without exaggeration that TERRA CIRCUS has become the most rocking and drifting album of the Electric Family.
The energy is almost tangible, and especially guitarist Rolf Kirschbaum (The Pachinko Fake, ex-Witt, ex-Fehlfarben) rages as if it were about his life.
But the whole band presents itself in the best form:
Harry Payuta shows repeatedly that he is one of the best sitar players of the time, Analog-Keyboarder Anders Becker shines on his keys, the two drummers Janssen and Ulrich push and press continuously forward, and bandleader The Perc keeps it together with his 12-string guitar.
The deeply catchy cover versions were always the salt in the soup of the Electric Family, so also this time. ''Lucrecia, my Reflection'' of the Sisters Of Mercy is a psychedelic monster with sitar support, and ''Mary, Mary so contrary'' from The Can is a passionate contribution with Slide Guitar and a three minute organ solo.
Redecker, Payuta and Kirschbaum alternate from behind the mics, and the album ends with the Jam Session ''The Dreamboat'', and then nothing else can come!
A strong, a great album.

Harry Payuta   •   sitar, guitar, bass, vocals
Tom THE PERC Redecker   •   vocals, guitar
Rolf Kirschbaum   •   vocals, guitar, cajón
Anders Becker   •   keyboards
Steff Ulrich & Hanno Janssen   •   drums


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