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11 tracks / total 50:30

a cooperation from Payuta
and Dieter Serfas
/ Ex-Amon Düül & Embryo

AMON Düül and EMBRYO are the groups in which Dieter Serfas started his progressive drumming. Now he came out with his first CD with Ear-Trance-Port, which he founded in 1996.
Tremendous freshness characterizes the disk, integrated techno-sounds and African rhythms. Funny and inspiring the dialect phrases and improvised lyrics and a traditional Caribbean melody.
Abdelmajid Domnati plays Gembri, an archaic three-stringed bass guitar. He sings in the tradition of Gnawas of Tangiers, a Moroccan music fraternity.
The experienced Domnati fits well with the force of Serfas, as well as the Didgeridoo-, Sitar- & Bass-Player Harry Payuta.

Dieter Serfas:
Electric Drums, Pitch-Pedal-Drum, Talking Drum, Vocals, Harmonica
Harry Payuta: Didgeridoo, Sitar, Bass, Vocals
Abdelmajid Domnati: Gembri, Percussion, Vocals
Massa Traore: Djembe
Volker Kahrs: Synthesizer on #6
Rolf Kirschbaum: Drums on #2, Electric Drums on #6, Guitar on #10
Phil Krueger: E-Guitar

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