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12 Tracks / total 50:53
Spirits from Tuva

A cooperation between Huun Huur Tu & Harry Payuta

The success of »Eki Attar«, to be heard as an opener to SPIRITS OF TUVA in its radio version, was occasion enough for the production of this unusual remix-album. DJs, musicians and producer teams from Greece, Germany, France and Russia contributed eleven pieces to SPIRITS OF TUVA, which also comprises an original version by the Tuvan formation.
The remixes of a wide spectrum of artists not only give the album great stylistic diversity: Ultimately, they also serve to emphasise the fact that the musical processing of these fascinating chants leaves great scope for personal interpretation even in the most various of genres.

In the studio of the German sitar player and ethno trance musician HARRY PAYUTA, the HUUN-HUUR-TU piece »Legend« became the ''Legend World Sitar Mix'' a hypnotising atmospheric number which moves with fluid grace and harmony between folkloric influences of Asia, Africa and the Balkans.
Having shot up to pop charts position No. 1, the title »Eki Attar« was the early summer hit in Greece in 2002.
No. 1 WORLD MUSIC CHARTS Europe 2002.

Huun Huur Tu: Vocals, Violins

Harry Payuta:
Sitar, Tanpura, Didgeridoo, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Piano
Electronics & Programming, Perc.
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