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L P / CD - 11 tracks / total 50:16

the electric family
echoes don´t lie

After only three years, “Echoes Don’t Lie” is the Electric Family’s 6th studio album! And it has it all!

To the current core team around Tom “The Perc” Redecker (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Rolf Kirschbaum (vocals, guitar, PACHINKO FAKE, ex-FEHLFARBEN) and Harry Payuta (bass, sitar, HARRY PAYUTA & FRIENDS; ex-VEE JAYS, ex-MOJO CLUB) are joined for the first time by Roman Bunka (EMBRYO, YOUR HEAD IS A SLEEPING CAR), Marlon Klein (DISSIDENTEN), Milla Kapolke (GROBSCHNITT), Rolf Möller (EXTRABREIT) and Jojo Brandt (THE CONVENT).

Studio work started in spring 2019, a total of 20 musicians came to the studio for the recording sessions for “Echoes Don't Lie” and jointly created an album bursting with variety, ranging from mellotronal folk rock to psychedelic chamber music to alternative rock with prog - / Krautrock bonds leads.

A cornucopia of musical ideas! And as with every album by this band, it cannot be compared with anyone else! (medien-info.com)

''You can get lost in this music!'' David Fricke, Rolling Stone US

Out on August 14, 2020
at Sireena Records / Broken Silence Distribution
p & c  2020 Sireena Records

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