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14 Titel / gesamt 49:37
New Rides of The Furious Swampriders

Harry Payuta, Deborah Harry (mit Nick Cave), Lydia Lunch, Dave Alvin, Walkabouts, Sixteen Horsepower, The Raymen, Velvetone, M.Walking on the Water, Johnny Dowd
CD / LP at Sireena Records, 25 May 2012.

Corazine USA July 12, 2012
What started as an idea to cull artists from Germanyís indie scene expanded to being an international collective under the umbrella name The Furious Swampriders. Iím impressed. Folk, blues, psyche, surf, punk, electronic, etc., etc., etc., all pop up somewhere among these 14 surprising tracks.

Brooklyn Rocks July 7, 2012
The disc closes with ''Take You Home'', which is a previously unreleased indie-rock tune from Harry Payuta. Payuta and his then band Vee Jays participated on the first Swampriders album in 1990 so this volume of the series completes the circle.

Harry Payuta: vocals & all instruments

except bass by Gruego Garcia


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